Kelly’s Ford August 13th show News

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Hello Show Goers…..                                                                                                                      The Cranberry Acres Riders and Horses will be attending the Hunter/Jumper show at the Kelly’s Ford Equestrian Center this Saturday.  We would like to invite anyone who wishes to come and support the hard work and efforts of our riders and horses.  The warm up starts at 7 am and the competition at 8 in the hunter ring and 8:30 in the jumper ring.  We are usually competing till the end of the day – 6pm

Competitor News:                                                                                                                        Riders with their own horses should (please) come during the early afternoon on Friday to groom and wrap and prepare their horse for trailering – Miava/Jodi  Twister/Eli Conner/Parker Gidgette/Katie Apricot/Cindy.  I would appreciate all boarders horses being done before 5:00.  The school horses have classes on Friday afternoon and won’t be ready for show prep till 5:30

PJ in in the 4:30 class – that rider will bathe him and wrap,  Ariel is in the 4:30 class – that rider will bathe and wrap her, George is in the 4:30 lesson – that rider will be on her first show prep – Haley, please come help her, Paradise will be in the 4:30 lesson – that rider will bathe and wrap, Rose will be available after the 4 – 4:30 lesson – Devin will be responsible for bathing and wrapping.  I will cover Tabasco and William will cover Whinny.  I am still learning Tabasco so would like the time with him.

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