Parade, Kellys Ford and Hazelwild

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We are gearing up and hoping  lots of cranberry acre riders will join us in preparing the float  for the Amelia Christmas parade .   The parade is on Saturday, December 3 at 4 PM . Our flloat work day will be Wednesday, November 30 at 7 PM.  Please  let me know if you plan on helping on Wednesday and or being in the parade walking and handing out candy on Saturday also we need donations of hard candy to hand court to the kids.  Message Mrs. Sue  below in the comments so we have an idea of our count.

Friday, December 9 is the Kellys Ford banquet for those who were in the High Point status .   All cranberry acre riders are invited to attend the cost is $25 to Kellys Ford for the dinner    You can call them directly to reserve your spot . Message in the comments below that you are going – again so we have a count.

Sunday, December 11 is the first show in the Hazel wild series .  many of our horses will be able to attend but some will need to stay home for our regular lesson plan.   Arielle with Gabby and Ammie will be available to compete ,  Tobasco will be available for only one rider for the puddle jumper’s this year .Grace has taken that spot.  Paradise is available to go with two riders Libby Helman has filled one spot.  I will put a poster in the lounge with these names on and if you own your own horse and wish a trailer spot please sign up