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Parker Mills and Stormy Skies

Riders who are interested in learning how to compete in shows off the Cranberry Acres property should discuss this with Mrs Sue to select an appropriate animal and learn what showing will entail. Riders can lease a horse for the day or share the lease with one other rider. Riders will need proper attire and an entire free day to compete and care for your mount. Mrs Sue will pick the level of the division to compete. Shows need us to sign up the Wednesday before the show date. Events (cross country) have opening and closing dates that give you a range of when you can sign up. They limit entries, so first come, first serve. Most shows, we groom and prepare on Friday afternoon and riders are asked to be at the show grounds for their division. Riders may leave when they are done, but we will need riders back to the stable for unloading and clean up.

FEES: TRAILERING: BY THE MILEAGE Doswell VA- $100.00 round trip -Frying Pan Park $160.00 ea round trip. Four Oaks – $100.00

Lesson HORSE LEASE $80.00 each rider & INCLUDES TRAINER FEE Personal Horse – Trainer show-day fee: $30.00

Please let me know if you are interested, That way all involved can plan. you can leave a note in the comments below. Thank you. Riders should go with their horses, take equipment back to the barn, clean the stall and sort out equipment. Clean trailer. Thank you, if you have any questions – Please text me – 804-920-5320

  • Sign up for a trailer spot – put your name in the comments

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