C.A. School Horses


Stormy is a 14 hand Welsh cobb who can do it all, Barrel racing, Jumps the moon, has been to Lexington with a 4-H rider with great success and enjoys her Jumping.


Whinny- has gone to heaven 😢

Mini Whinney is a 12.5 hand chestnut pony hunter who rides western as well.  She has competed to the 2’6″ level.  She is an 11 year old.


Precious Jim (PJ) is a paint pony, 15 years old who can do it all! Weatern, Gymkhanna, Huntseat, Jumpers, He has a lot of energy and loves to go, go, go…..  He competes up to the 3′ level.

July 23, 2012 049

“Personality”  is a 30& year old quarter horse who is still going strong.  He is wonderful with children and small adults.  We call him “Perfect Persy”     Persy has gone to Heaven

July 23, 2012 051

“Hokie”  is a 19 year old Quarter Horse who has a lot of energy. Rides Western and Huntseat on the flat.  Is not a fan of Jumping but loves barrel racing

“Cheeseburger in Paradise”  has gone to heaven 😢is a 22 year old schoolmaster.  When you ride him you feel like you’re in paradise.  He is an awesome huntseat – equitation horse and will work under western tack too   Paradise is in Heaven

“TOUCH OF TOBASCO “  Is a 2009 Thoroughbred gelding.  He is a 16 hand chestnut with lots is chrome. He works well in both the hunter and Jumper ring.  Tobasco is in Heaven.

Fasterthanathan is a 2013 OTTB woh love just about all riding  will work Huntseat, Jumpers, and Western  he’s an all around amazing guy 💝

Allylitlsisisabby is a 2019 OTTB. She has a wonderful personality and is one of our NEW to the ring horses. Seasoned riders are working with her at this time.

Ruby is an Arab with Plenty of sass!!  Enjoys barrel racing as well as her flat work sessions

Bar 04 is a SCHOOL MASTER for all ages. Known as Candy Bar he will give you a great ride.

LilUncle Jack

8 thoughts on “C.A. School Horses

  1. I ride Grace at Cranberry Acers and she is amazing i barrel race her flag race her pole bend her and also keyhole race her like they said you better hold on and also good luck trying to slow her down. she is a good gentle horse who is for more of the better riders but always there if needed she is pretty fast expecialy when running back home at a gallop you never need a crop for her she always listens to commands except she races back to the end of the line and its pretty hard to stop her. she is an [ as ms sue calls her] a an anxious arabian. i have ben riding at cranberry acers for four years all of the horses are amazing and ms sue is an great teacher and she really helps you understand horses an about them.

    • I haven’t scheduled a school show yet because of things going on with our family, weekends are pretty booked up. It may be the Saturday after the first week of camp – June 27th, but I’m still not sure.

  2. I had been riding at Cranberry Acres since I was fourteen years old. Miss Sue was (and most definitely still is) a wonderful trainer. I stopped riding there when I transferred to Averett University last fall to major in their equestrian program, but since I have come back, I plan on riding there again, as soon as I have a job.
    Irish Eyes was my main man. He is such a sweet heart, and I miss him terribly! I also rode Cutty for a short time before I began riding Irish. He’s also a wonderful boy. In fact, all the horses there are great! I can’t wait to begin riding there again.
    I miss you, Miss Sue!! See you soon!!

  3. I’ve been riding at Cranberry Acres for 5 years and I love it there . I’ve been riding PJ for almost 2 years straight and I love him ! He’s really great to be around and so much fun to ride! Before I started on PJ I rode Persy , Buddy , Milkshake , and Stormy , they’re all great horses with really sweet personalities ! 🐴

  4. I ride Stormy Skies (she is my baby!) and Whinnie. I love them both, and I learn new things every time I ride thanks to Mrs. Sue. I love being able to go and ride at crannberry acres, and I love the horses there!

  5. I’ve been riding Pj for about 1 and a half years ! I love him so much miss sue is the best ever!! My first horse I ever rode was hokie and even the first time I mounted I knew I’d love horses and riding even though I haven’t rode hokie since then I thank him so much for letting me know what my favorite thing to do would
    Be! I know many other horses here but my baby’s are Bar ,Pj ,Hokie,Stormy ,Sam ,Ladybug,Persy , and I’m sure I missed a few! I know a lot more here but those are the ones I’ve ridden

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