July 8-11 campers Trail Ride

July 11-15 campers Trail Ride

Parts of the horse

Parts of the horse

Summer Camp July 11-15 Trail Ride Day

Summer Camp July 8-11 Trail Ride Day


IMG_1159Kellys Ford Champion and Reserve - Emma and Cole Pepper and Ammie and Ariel.IMG_1162

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Caroline and Paradise

Show Team Girls - Natalie, Stephanie, Haley, Ammie

Show Team Girls – Natalie, Stephanie, Haley, Ammie

2011 Barrel Racing - Amber

Barrel Racer – Amber Wilburn

Summer Camp - Parts of the horse FUN!!!

Summer Camp – Parts of the horse FUN!!!


Katie and Storms Energy

Natalie and I’m an Impressive Rose


Parker Mills and Stormy Skies

Setting up the float 2014

, Setting up the float 2014

2014 Kellys Ford Series Champions

2014 Kellys Ford Series Champions

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  1. Do you work with disabled children and horses. .I’m looking for a volunteer I have a BA in Psychology and about 4 years working with abused or neglected horses

    • Hey Ms. Sue! It’s Skyler Lipes, Bobby and Patti Lipes’ granddaughter, I called but didn’t get an answer 🙁 I called to tell you that I am still riding but am an English rider, I do dressage, and hopefully jumping, I now ride at Hoofbeats Therapeutic Riding Center! My very first show was September 5th and I got 2nd place, at TRAV on October 11th (Therapeutic Riding Association of Virginia), In my first class I got 1st! My second class (a trail class) I got a participation (it was for fun). My third class that day, I did my dressage test, and I got 4th, I was going against riders who have rode longer than me, and more advanced, I’m hoping this session I can learn to canter! I know I did loping there but my new instructor says I’m not ready yet. I hope I can learn to jump soon! I hope to see you soon! Thank you for getting me into riding! You were the one who started my riding career! I am a junior now in high school, well homeschooling haha! I hope you all are well, and same for the horses! I volunteer at Hoofbeats, and ride. I got Junior Volunteer of the year last year! 😀 I just wanted to catch you up on how I was doing! I hope to hear from you soon!

      • Hi Skyler!! Boy I need to update my webb site more often, so glad you are doing sooo well and having so much fun with horses! Keep up the good work

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