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1. Walk – Trot Equitation
2. Walk – Jog Horsemanship
3. Barrel Racing – Jog/trot
4. Pole Bending Race – Jog/trot
5. Trot Ground bar course – Equitation
6. Short Stirrup Equitation
7. Short Stirrup X – rails
8. Maiden Equitation
9. Maiden Fences
10. Open Western Horsemanship
11 Open Barrels
12 Open Pole Bending Race
13 Open Jumper – Ring
14 Open Jumper – Field
15 Cross Country Course – (if weather allows)

May 9th School Show

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English and Western Classes for all ages on Mothers day weekend – Saturday.  We’ll have Childrens classes in the morning, then teens and Adults after 12:00.  Check out the events page for classes and copies of the show program will be on the office desk.

School Show Results

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It was a wonderful day for a horse show!
Beginner classes were in the morning,  and we had alot of fun with our favorite horses.  Maiden and Novice riders came in after noon and we had great competition jumping in the ring and cross country, the barrel racers were fast as usual!