C.A. School Show- 2018 – 2019 Series

  School shows are open to All students, all ages and abilities.  We’ve designed the show to teach riders what is is like to compete on horseback.  Classes test skills and speed.  To enter the show:  read thru the classes, what each one expects of the rider and determine which ones you’d like to try.  Pick out the horse you know the best to compete on.(never pick one you haven’t ridden before)  Use an entry form which will be in the office and sign up.  Try to sign up before the show(this helps me to plan), although you may sign up the day of the show.  Spectators are of course welcome – Please consider the weather and bring a chair and food and drink comforts.

6 ribbons are awarded in each class.  Points are awarded with each ribbon.  1st – 7pts, 2nd – 5pts, 3rd – 4pts, 4th – 3pts, 5th – 2pts, 6th – 1 pt. The rider of the Western division/English division who has the most points will receive a championship ribbon, Reserve Champion to the 2nd highest points.  Classes 1-10 will count for English 11-19 for Western.  Points will be saved from Show to show, the Riders accumulating the most points over the 2015 – 2016 series will receive a High point Championship Ribbn and a $40.00 Gift Card to Champion saddlery.  Reserve Champion receives a High Point Championship Ribbon.

Horsemanship and Equitation classes are Posture classes.  Riders compete against each other being judged on their form, as well as on their control of their horse at the gate desired by the judge.  Reining classes are posted patterns that are judged on the horse and riders accuracy in performing the pattern with great horsemanship.  Gymkhanna classes – Keyhole, Barrels and Flag Race are all speed classes.

To be ready for your 9 am class, Riders should arrive 30 minutes early to prepare.  All other riders can arrive at 9 to sign up with Mrs Sandy.  Riders are asked to stay at the bleacher area until called to the barn for your class.  Once you complete your class, riders are asked to return to the spectator area.  This is for the safety of all in the barn.



1. Walk – Jog Reining – Pattern available in lounge and posted day of show – 1 at a time

2.  Western Horsemanship Walk/ Jog

3.  Open Western Horsemanship –  Classes will be divided to 6 per class – Walk/Jog/Lope

4.   Jog – Lope Reining – Pattern available in lounge and posted day of show

5.  Walk/Jog Pole Bending race Speed Event – compete at an Extended jog. Open to Western and English Riders

6.  Open Pole Bemding – Speed Event – Compete at a Lope/canter. Open to Western and English Riders.

7.  Walk/Jog Barrel Race- Speed event – open to Western and English Riders

8.  Open Gallop Barrel Race – Speed event – compete at W/J open to Western and English riders

 9.  Open Flag Race

10.  Open W/T Equitation – open to english riders wishing to compete on the flat.

11. Open English Equitation – Open to Walk./trot/canter competitors – 6 ribbons awarded (posture class)

12. X-rails Equitation – X-rails – 8 Jumps on rail (posture class)

13.  Maiden over Fences – Riders select 2′  fences – course of 8 jumps ( Posture Class)

14. Novice over Fences – Judged on pace and posture over course of Fences 2’6″  

15.  Limit Fences  – Fences 2’9″

16.  Field Open Jumper Course A – Speed class – Field next to ring  – Low or High (pick one) Will be run with 2 sets of ribbons if entries warrant    Courses Posted Day of show –  Low – 2′       High – up to 3′

17.  Cross Country Jumping – Pace time to be used – Optimum time


Please fill out a form in the office and submit it before the show to help me set up for the show day – Thank you

Classes are $10.00 each when using a school horse, $8.00 each when using your own.   6 ribbons will be awarded for each class.  

This show will be the first in a series of 3 shows with a high point champion and Reserve at the end of the series.  A western and English high point champion will be awarded at the end of each show

Introductory Dressage Test:  Press here to get your copy:            intro a – Copy

Novice Level Dressage Test:  Press here to get your copy:            Novice_Test_A – Copy


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