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Time flies when you are busy having fun with horses! April is upon us and there are so many options!!! Easter this weekend, Spring break the week following. Shows the next week end , Hits Culpepper the 21 – 25, and then May 1, our own School Show here at the farm (if it stops raining) (haha).

February TWA jumper show

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Cranberry Acres will attend next Saturdays jumper show in Herndon VA hosted by TWA jumpers. To participate please speak to Mrs Sue and sign up in the parents room.

Our classes are all indoor at this time, our power is back and clean up from the ice storm is under way. Thank you to everyone who made getting through being without power an easy task.

Plans are under way for summer camp, school shows and cross country work. Check back here for more details

TWA Horse Shows

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Even in a pandemic – we need to keep fit and strong, and so do our equine. TWA Horse shows will host both Jumper and Hunter shows – 4 for the series with the first on January 16 (Jumper) and Jan 17(Hunter). We will plan on attending both shows as we see how many riders are interested.

TWA Jumper series

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We are two weeks out till the TWA jumper shows. December 5 is the first show in Herndon VA. To participate riders must be jumping at the 2 foot height and be able to remember a 15 jump course. The Frying pan park facility is lovely and spacious so very easy to compete and social distance. Please see fees and sign up in the lounge if interested

Holiday Parade and Barn lighting

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It’s that fun time a year – when it gets dark Early but Nancy lights up the farm.

Nancy is looking for helpers to meet her at Cranberry Acres on Saturday Nov 21 to help put lights on the barn and trees.
The Annual Christmas parade is going to happen in Amelia. Santa IS coming this year too. The Float prep night will be on Wednesday December 2. The Parade is on December 5th.
Please feel free to post below in the comments if you are planning to attend. More facts (time, needs will be posted)

JUNE 2020

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June 2020 – Getting up and going to bed feeding horses hasn’t changed with all the other changes going on here in Virginia.

Our usual summer consists of lots of movement and action. This year – Due to the Corona Virus, And our schedule being made different, We have decided we will Not hold our Summer Camp. Riders who were interested in camp can schedule Xtra lessons if you would like.

Changing our Lesson schedule after 30+ years has been challenging, We will continue to try to accommodate riders, while following the rules set by the state. We are aware that there are many levels of comfort with the ability to get corona virus, and we wish to respect all of our students. I am doing my best to get Current Customers – riders in before opening to New riders and customers. If I have not been able to set you up with a lesson, I am working on making accommodations. Thank you for your understanding, Sue

Coronavirus protocol

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The Cranberry Acres Equestrian center unfortunately is open to ONLY it BOARDERS at this time. School horses must not be shared. This is to protect you and our family. As things change we will open up as we operated previously. The horses will miss their loving rides and look forward to your return