Summer camp dates/registration

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Camper can easily sign up by fill out a camp registration form on the Summer Camp 2022 page. if you are new to our facility, please complete a “ride at your own risk”form as well as the “camp form”. Please mail or drop your forms off in the stable office. Please include your deposit. Deposits can be in the form of Cash, Check or Venmo. Remember to write – Camp Deposit and have it be separate from other payments. Thank you – Sue

January 8 – open show

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We will not attend this weekends Jumper show at Frying Pan Park. Some horse lameness and riders dodging Covid lowered our numbers to the point that shipping was not feasible.
The next show at Frying Pan Park is January 22. Riders must confirm their spot in the trailer by the Sunday prior. Please sign up on this website on the open show page.
To attend a show so far away, we must have a minimum of 4 confirmed horses. Please plan accordingly.

Amelia Christmas Parade

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All Cranberry Acres Students and families are invited to participate in the annual parade here In Amelia. The Theme of the parade this year is “A Hero’s Christmas “. Mrs Sandy is our Float designer and expediter. All participants would either walk with the float and hand out Candy to the crowd, be a float participant or be a rider on your own horse.
Our first work night will be Wednesday November 17 from 7-9. A follow up date will be December 1 – 7-9. The Parade will be Dec 4 at 4 pm.
Please think about Hero’s in your family – a veteran, a Dr, a policeman, a nurse, you get the idea. We’d like to write these peoples names on the banners on the side of the float. So bring your family members names to share our hero’s

Equitation classes

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Short stirrup classes – Open to riders 12 and under who walk trot and canter and are comfortable jumping eight crossbars

Maiden Riders – Open to riders of all ages and then divided into age groups, who walk trot Cantor and are comfortable jumping fences 2’3”Novice riders. When competing in Maiden – once a rider has pinned a blue ribbon in this division they are no longer eligible to compete in the maiden flat If they win it in the flat class and cannot compete flat or fences if they win it in the Maiden Fences class.

Novice riders – Open to riders of all ages and then divided into age groups, who can walk trot Cantor and are comfortable jumping at 2‘6“. riders in this division compete to score out I was novice by Winning to more flat classes for flat, Two wins in jumping will take you out of both flat and fences.

Limit Riders – Open to riders of all ages and then divided into age groups, who walk trot Cantor and you’re comfortable jumping at 2’9” to 3’. A combined six blue ribbons from Maiden and Novice and three more here take a rider out of the Limit division.

Open riders – All riders of all ages and then divided into age groups, who compete at the walk trot Cantor and will jump 3 foot to 3’6”

all equitation riders will be judged on their form and correctness both directions of the ring.

SCHOOL SHOWS 2021-2022

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  • (september 25/26 – Warrenton Jumper/Hunter weekend) – speak to Mrs Sue if interested.
  • (October 9/10 – Warrenton Jumper/Hunter weekend) – speak to Mrs Sue if interested.
  • November 24-28 – CA closed for the Thanksgiving Holiday

Summer time fun!!

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The riders here at Cranberry Acres have had alot going on this Summer. Lessons of course go on as usual on a daily basis, Hunter riders have joined in on the competition in Doswell with the Hunter Haven Series and Jumpers have gone to compete at the James River competitions. Western riders have been learning to rope and attending Practices to catch steer.

Colonial Downs will be opening for Thoroughbred Racing on Monday. Alanna Ballard (who works for a Race horse training facility) will be Ponying Horses to the gates. Racing is from 1-5 pm. Lets show our support for Our Ashland Team and Go to enjoy the races Wednesday July 21, 2021 and Wednesday August 4, 2021. See Mrs Sue for details or simple go on your own and we’ll meet there.

School shows will begin again in September as everyone gets settled back into a pattern. ENJOY SUMMER all you can and see you with the horses