Results from our shows at Kellys Ford

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These are the results from the season end points from all the shows at Kellys Ford Equestrian Center.  They will host an award dinner on Friday night December 11.  We will have competition on Saturday morning at the Hazelwild Center.  I think we should be prudent and miss the dinner this year and ask them to mail our awards……  I’m open to other suggestions, Mrs. Sue

Short Stirrup Equitation – Champion – PJ – Libby Hellman 61 points   3rd place – Savannah Cheatham  26 points

Short Stirrup Hunter – Champion – PJ – Libby Hellman 69 points   5th place – Savannah Cheatham Stormy Skies 22pts

Student Equitation – 4th place – Amber Adams

Maiden Hunter – Reserve Champion – On eagles wings – Cindy Charboneau – 89.5 pts  4th – Island Time – Grace Neiswander – 34pts

Low Hunter – Reserve Champion – On eagles wings – Cindy Charboneau – 64 pts

Children/Adult Amateur Hunter – 5th – Tennessee Stitch – Jessica Christian – 13pts

Puddle Jumpers – Champion – Rose – Kate Strohm – 92.5 pts  Reserve Champion – Twister – Eli Hankins – 44 pts 5th Island Time – Mckenzie Grunden – 31pts

Novice Rider Jumper – Reserve Champion – PJ – Megan Bergan – 80 pts

Novice Horse Jumper – 3rd – Island Time – Grace Neicewander – 76 pts  6th Cameo – Alanna Ballard – 12pts

OTTB – 5th – Con Artist – Parker Mills – 24pts   6th – Intriguing Mist – Heather Nackerman – 16pts

Low Jumper – Champion – Rose – Natalie Shires – 91pts  Reserve Champion – Con Artist – Parker Mills – 53 pts

Children/Adult Jumper – Reserve Champion – Tennessee Stitch – 83pts  4th – Storms Energy – 54pts  6th – Ariel – Ammie Adams -36

This is the list they sent me today – If you do not think your points are correct please let me know and we’ll figure it out.  I did keep track at each show and can compile a list.  They are still holding the banquet.  Anyone wishing to go will have to call them directly to register to go.  I feel bad to not attend, on the other hand we will not be well rested for our day of competition…..





November and December

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IMG_0969  We have alot of fun scheduled for November and December..1st – On November 21 – the Level Green riding school in Powhatan will host an open event for all riders interested in Dressage, Stadium and Cross Country competition.  Riders can speak to Mrs Sue about renting a horse and competing.  Anyone interested in watching – visit the level green web site to get directions.

December 5th will be the Christmas Parade in Amelia.  All Students of the Cranberry Acres are invited to participate in both the preparation and the Parade itself.  The parade will be at 4:00 on Saturday afternoon.  Our Prep Meeting will Be Wednesday evening December 2nd at 6ish – Cranberry Acres will provide the PIZZA and Soda.

December 11th is the Scheduled Date for the Kellys Ford Banquet – more info as we get it.

December 12 – the FIRST Hazelwild Jumper competition – Saturday – cost and details will be posted both in the lounge and on a page on this site.